All parent/carers are asked to read through our policies below but in summary we have listed the key pieces of information here:

  • All parent/carers must ensure they pick up their child(ren) promptly at 6pm. If you are late, we will be forced to charge additional fees to cover the extended staffing costs.

  • Payments must be made one week in advance.

  • All children must have appropriate clothing and footwear suitable for messy play/ outdoor games and any sunscreen or medications that they require.

  • You must let us know straight away if there are any changes to the information that you provided us with in your registration form.

  • If you wish to stop using our service or cancel a booking for holiday care, you must give us at least 20 days’ notice in writing.

  • For the safety of our service users and staff, we will be forced to contact parent/carers and ask them to collect their child if the child breaks our code of behaviour.

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“Staff recognise the importance of engaging parents, and we feel that our input is valued… we can confidently say there is positive practice and provision combined with genuine warmth and enthusiasm from staff” - parent

“I pay for my son to go once a week as a treat as he loves it there so much!” - parent