About Us



Bonny Downs Community Association has been serving the residents of the East Ham since 1998. Our charity’s motto is, “working together to change lives and transform our community”. We strive to make a real and lasting difference to the quality of life of local people by promoting community cohesion, encouraging healthier lifestyles, tackling isolation and addressing the root causes of poverty. The vast majority of our team live in the neighbourhood that we serve and our work benefits members of our community from all ages, cultures, religions and backgrounds. Over time, BDCA has transformed 4 previously derelict local spaces into facilities for our community: The Well Community Centre, Flanders Playing Field, the Bobby Moore Sports Pavilion and the Grow Together Be Together Community Garden. From these venues, we deliver targeted projects that address specific areas of local need: Sports, Youth, Children & Families, Food, Elders and Poverty Response.


As well as providing under 5s play groups, playschemes, courses for parents and support for families in crisis, our Children & Families Project team recognized an urgent need to support working parents by increasing access to affordable childcare. So we opened our after school club service (formerly known as BDCA in the Park) in September 2012.


The mission of BDCA’s After School Club is to provide a stable, structured, safe and secure setting for children aged between 4 ½ and 11 years old. We aim to provide an environment in which children can thrive personally, socially and educationally, as well as gaining a sense of belonging. Our objective is to develop a good reputation amongst our community for being a welcoming place which provides a high standard of care for children within our marginalized community.


Benefits of our After School club service...

  • Providing a very low cost childcare solution, without compromising on the quality of care provided.

  • Ensuring children have access to a fantastic range of after school and holiday activities within a safe and properly supervised environment.

  • Creating paid employment opportunities for local residents.

  • Generating sustainable income which is reinvested back into our charity so we can continue running support services for disadvantaged local families. 

“Staff recognise the importance of engaging parents, and we feel that our input is valued… we can confidently say there is positive practice and provision combined with genuine warmth and enthusiasm from staff” - parent

“I pay for my son to go once a week as a treat as he loves it there so much!” - parent